If I were into that {Just Write}

If I were into the Christianese phraseology, this post would be about finding my calling. I’d write about how God has called me to help people, how God has ‘called me to the nations’, how God has given me this ridiculous amount of insatiable curiosity.

However, I’m not into that scene. I’m not into phrases, and books explaining the Purpose of Life.

I’m into living.

I believe God created me. I believe God walks alongside me. I believe that God is my friend, and He’ll council me if I let him. I also believe that he’s just happy I exist. In fact, I think he laughs at me a lot. Laughs at my consternation and exuberance and my many fumbles. I believe that He let me become overly curious, and didn’t mind that I forgot to develop my cautious side. I believe that when I was born, he had hundred million ideas of which way I could go, and was thrilled to let me explore.

I grew up passionate. I grew up repulsed by regimens and classes and worth given to some, and withheld from others.

Some people have told me this passion needs to be directed, others are just thrilled that I’m sharing it with them.

A few people have cautioned me not to let it burn out. More wise people have told me not to forget to let it guide me into something wonderful.

If I were Christianese, I’d be all about Christ directing my steps, and nudging me, and slamming doors if I get misguided or headstrong. I’m not much into Christianese. I figure Christ let me develop this way, and He’ll bump me if I get off track. He’s right here, isn’t he, if I screw up? He can watch me cry and know that tomorrow is a new day.

I believe in passion and commitment and wholeheartedly throwing oneself into the task at hand.

Some people live life cautiously. I don’t. And if He really is God, I figure He’ll keep up.

p.s. I think He really is God, so why not let Him act like it and I can act like I like life?

This is the 93rd installment of Just Write, an exercise in free writing your ordinary and extraordinary moments.


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