Posted in August 2013

These angry aches and pains…

Today I read the post of an acquaintance on Facebook, noting that it looks like America is preparing to go into war to prevent Syria from continuing the use of chemical armaments. His argument was that it’s time for France to get involved, and give America and Great Britain a break. I wrote back stating … Continue reading

These little people

I spent the day with my first two nieces, aged 4 years and 22 months. They think I’m awesome, which always makes for a great day anywhere. Or at least it helps. The first two hours were a breeze, we walked home from brunch, one in the stroller and one walking, chatting along the way … Continue reading

Too much because it’s not enough

This post wasn’t written by me, but by The Extraordinary Ordinary, a blogger I’m learning to respect. She writes about the normalcy, and finding the beauty in that. She is the creator of {Just Write}, which I sometimes participate in on Tuesdays. In my frustrations and feeling like I am fighting invisible, immovable walls {can’t-go-can’t-stay-must-move-can’t-budge-WHY?!}, … Continue reading

What we really think….

One of the angriest versions of my retail-working self. Please read with grace, and avoid my self checkout.   Customer: What’s this mean? Why’s it sayin’ this?! I paid in Cash!! [Computer is requesting optional information, such as address, PO or a phone number to used, as is clearly stated on the screen, in case … Continue reading

All summed up and tidy

This is my 150th post. One-five-oh. I ought to have written awhile ago, but I didn’t. That’s that. There it is, and settled. Somehow, I feel that this ought to be an epic post, a place where I introduce you to the next, thrilling phase of my life. Only, I can’t. This phase isn’t thrilling, … Continue reading