All summed up and tidy

This is my 150th post. One-five-oh.

I ought to have written awhile ago, but I didn’t. That’s that. There it is, and settled.

Somehow, I feel that this ought to be an epic post, a place where I introduce you to the next, thrilling phase of my life. Only, I can’t. This phase isn’t thrilling, it’s confusing and frustrating. It’s a lot of counting time, filling time, sorting sections of my life into more orderly bundles. Learning to be okay with the messes, again.

There are a few big things in the works, and they will hopefully make their way to this blog in the near future.

There are a great many things NOT in the process of being settled, but in the process of my being at peace with their existence.

For example…

1. Work. I have a job, I don’t love it, but I am committed to it. I am committed to doing an excellent job, providing top-notch customer service even when many of my coworkers don’t support my tactics. – Not exciting, but stable.

2. Community. Established and growing. I have regular breakfast dates with a new neighbor, lots of phone conversations, swapping daily happenings. – I’m coming to peace.

3. Faith. Ugh, it’s so different and so offensive to people in America. And I have put forth zero effort to re-enter a conventional church. – At peace with Him, and myself, not settled with the environment.

4. Career. Lots of possibilities. Lots of plans. Lots of questions regarding whether I ought to pursue a change before the end of the year. – Unstable and open to a variety of directions.

5. Single-hood. Despite moving home and realizing that three of my oldest and dearest friends had bought houses with their husbands in my absence, for the first time in – well, ever – I’m kind of thrilled at the freedom I possess. Annoyed that most people who share my faith don’t see the fun in my situation, but definitely relieved and enjoying the ride. – Unstable, but peaceful.

6. Family. Never stable or consistent, but steady. I’m grateful for phone conversations where I argue with my niece over the necessity of pre-planned movie dates, and that I have seen my youngest niece fight sleep – and lose! – and I know what that process looks like, firsthand. – Peaceful and changing.

It’s a lot while seemingly so very little. I’m not stimulated. But I am seeking out the small changes and the ways that make a difference in one person’s life, even if it’s not in a dramatic way.

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