These little people

I spent the day with my first two nieces, aged 4 years and 22 months. They think I’m awesome, which always makes for a great day anywhere. Or at least it helps.
The first two hours were a breeze, we walked home from brunch, one in the stroller and one walking, chatting along the way and talking about how this mile walk was “not close-by. You live very far away, Meggie.” Oops.

Teaching Iana to jump rope. Right before she admitted she couldn't do it herself...

Teaching Iana to jump rope. Right before she admitted she couldn’t do it herself…

We got to my house, rehydrated, colored, read part of a book, introduced them to my roommate, and finally – I asked the little one if she was ready for a nap. Because she’s an odd freak of nature, she answered truthfully, “Yes, go ni-nigh.”

We went upstairs, and I tucked her into bed. I left the big one to keep her company while I went to get a fan from the basement. When I returned, the big one was singing a song to the little one, keeping her entertained and stationary. Basically, I walked in on a Kodak moment, and there was no denying it.

Singing to her sister

Singing to her sister

Then we kissed her goodnap, walked down the hallway and heard a crash, followed by a loud cry. I rushed back into the room, to find Little Girl FACEDOWN ON THE FLOOR. And when I say the FLOOR, I do mean, THE HARDWOOD FLOOR THAT’S ALMOST 3 FEET BELOW MY MATTRESS. Apparently, after cheerily wishing us a good-bye, clutching her blanket and snuggling in for a good nap, Iana had realized this was for the birds, and CATAPULTED HERSELF FROM THE BED, landing FACE FIRST ON THE HARDWOOD FLOOR.

To say I then realized I am in no way ready to be a mother would be the understatement of the day.

The nap turned into a party-nap. Iana couldn’t be left alone, and Lucy decided she was going to be scared if she played on her own. So I pulled out the spare mattress, put the children on it and suggested we have a challenge to see who could keep her eyes closed the longest.

Spoiler alert – I won.

Eventually, the fake snores quieted, the giggles and whimpers subsided and we all started dreaming. Then my roommate and I decided to get a new roommate, my sister was proposing to the father of her unborn child, and I was in the wedding of someone I didn’t know, wearing a flowing peach-colored dress. In the midst of which, Lucy nudged me and said, “Can I get up now?”

I like not waking up in the middle of dreams.

“Can Iana get up now?”

“Is Iana awake?”

“She’s almost awake. Can she come play with me?”

Iana’s eyes hadn’t opened yet! She didn’t even want to be awake.

They are cute. They are sweet. They help each other and my life would be that much more devoid of joy if it weren’t for them, but word – I like my sleep. Here’s to continuing to prefer Aunthood to Motherhood, at least for awhile!

They are lovely

They are lovely



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