This Roommate

My roommate and I have lived together for 2.5 years. Today I told her that I thought half of our conversations sound like an old married couple. And really? How lame is that? She mumbled some sort of assent.

We may travel together. Eat one another’s food. Occasionally do laundry together. Save each other from dying. Remind the other to sleep. Be overly informed of the current drama in one or the others oversized family. Make plans around the others schedule. Counsel one another on life/career motivations. All true, but you better believe we are ROOMMATES. We never introduce the other as a FRIEND. That might put some kind of expectation or stipulation or condition on the other. We. Are. Roommates.

Who don’t plan meals together. Share the bathroom. Include in our social calendars. Consult on relationships until said situation is sorted. Share blankets, rooms or clothes. We leave the others’ door closed and shuffle around the threshhold when entering. Because, really, boundaries must not be crossed. Roommates, got it?

To be continued…


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