These Eliz Conversations

Via Text
Me: Hey this is Megan on my kindle [texting app]. I’m pretty sure my phone was left somewhere in our house. This is an issue when we travel.

Eliz: 🙂 K

Me: …btw, thank God for megabus wifi.


Me: But I don’t WANT to eat dinner now. I need a shower. Now.

Eliz: I forget what an introvert you are. I think you need to go spend some time alone.


Eliz: I was in Atlanta last fall for the elections.

Me: I bet they thought you were ultra-conservative and worried about upsetting you.

Eliz: They did. Thankfully I thought McCain was an idiot, and was rooting for Obama anyway.

Me: Yeah, McCain was so ridiculous. After that election, I didn’t know if I could be a Democrat, but I knew I could never be a Republican.

Eliz: Yeah….McCain. Ugh.


[Two days later]

Eliz: This is my friend, Megan!

Friend: Hi, nice to meet you.

Eliz: I just want you to know, Megan is worse at pop-cultural knowledge than I am. She doesn’t even recognize the artists by their songs.

Friends: I didn’t think it was possible to be less aware than you, Liz.


Me: Hey, Liz, remember when we were discussing the 2012 elections and how awful McCain was?

Eliz: Yeah…?

Me: It wasn’t McCain. It was Romney. McCain was 2008….or something.

Eliz: Oh, yeah, Romney. Ugh.

Me: I’m pretty sure we are bad for one another.


Eliz: Who’s playing?

Friend: Those are the Indianapolis Colts….you’re team.

Me: Oh, it’s Andrew LUCK!

Eliz: Who’s Andrew Luck?



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