Posted in December 2013

LIT COFFEE – Ethical gifting {GIVEAWAY!}

This is part of a Series. {I hope you’ll read the rest} When I became interested in fair trade, I couldn’t fathom where to begin. If I decided to be fair trade overnight, I’d go bankrupt and probably give up the next week. Perhaps I would have given up entirely. Actually, I did that a … Continue reading

Gifting with Ethics Pt 1

This is the beginning of a Series. {I hope you’ll stick around for the rest} There’s a whole lot of narcissism that erupts this time of year. At least there is in my life. Granted I COULD be giving extra money, or volunteering extra, or shoveling my neighbor’s sidewalk in the Christmas Spirit. The reality, … Continue reading

Garfield had the right idea.

“How are you, Megan?” “ooookay-eh” I squeaked out. “Well, not really. I’m 15 minutes late, fighting a cold, the roads are awful, I think I forgot to eat breakfast. Oh, I forgot my lunch.” The day went downhill from there. By 8 am, I had woken up late, realized I was losing my voice, discovered … Continue reading

Real talk chaos of my life.

I work in an industry where appearance is everything. No, but really. I am intensely interested in the structure of a building, in the arrangement of your windows, in the amount of glare I can prevent by specifying appropriate window treatments, and how much more productive you will be through these decisions – but really. … Continue reading

This Age {Just Write}

I’m participating in {Just Write} an exercise in Free Writing. Details below. “My credit score is great.” “Got a loan for a car.” “Up all night, and there was no alcohol involved.” “Going to to the Doctor, baby is sick.” “I want to settle down. Start a family.” “I lost the baby.” “I’m expecting, again.” … Continue reading

This Heavenly Joke

I’m quite certain Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit were in on the advent of my birth, which was the beginning of The Growth of the Newbury Family. Yes, yes, I realize that They are in on the creation of every human being, but for comedy’s sake – I really do believe … Continue reading