Garfield had the right idea.

“How are you, Megan?”

“ooookay-eh” I squeaked out. “Well, not really. I’m 15 minutes late, fighting a cold, the roads are awful, I think I forgot to eat breakfast. Oh, I forgot my lunch.”

The day went downhill from there.

By 8 am, I had woken up late, realized I was losing my voice, discovered my hair was dirty and needing washing, had a raging sinus-cold headache and then left 5 minutes later than normal…the night after it snowed 3 unexpected inches.

My morning was not the best.

By the time I got to work, I was 15 minutes late (but not the latest!), hadn’t eaten breakfast and had left my lunch on the counter.

My coworkers declared it a Case of the Mondays. They don’t know the half of it.

Throughout the day, more than one person asked me just where I was headed – as I seemed to be walking in circles. “Did you need something from me?”

“uuuum. Maybe. Or maybe from your neighbor. Just a moment…I’ll remember.” <—that’s a sentence from me, not a real human today.

Around 10 am, I took a break and signed into Facebook – only to discover that it’s MY LITTLE SISTER’S BIRTHDAY!! I had no idea. Yesterday, she said something about a birthday celebration, and I distinctly remember thinking, “Oh, good – now I have her husband’s birthday. I should write this down!”

Which I didn’t, unfortunately, but I doubt looking at a calendar would have helped my foggy mind.

Finally, I decided to do some good with my day and give my Secret Santa gift. I reached into the bag and discovered that instead of some chocolate and a box of special dried fruit, I had actually packed three kinds of chocolate and a box of CHAI TEA. Darn my stupified mind.

None of that really mattered, though, since this is the point that I realized people like to wrap Secret Santa gifts. Not this girl. I hadn’t brought a card, note, tape, tissue, box, bag, ribbon or anything slightly festive (unless you count the box of Chai tea she had no interest in receiving). I asked the receptionist if she had any extra wrapping paper on hand, and she gave me two plain white sheets. Which I then wrapped around my bar of chocolate and stapled it into a poofy bow, adding a post-it note wishing her a Happy Monday! Somebody needed to be happy, anyway.

I found a box of soup in my bag, along with honey, and three boxes of tea. So miserable and stumbling though I was, I suppose I didn’t actually starve. Also – cake and cookies became a staple.

It could have been worse. But really? I stapled white tissue paper around a gift I didn’t mean to give, showed up late, froze all day, felt miserable and generally gave up on life.

Wishing you no Mondays with which to compare.


One thought on “Garfield had the right idea.

  1. It sounds like life. It is a funny story though. once in a while I have a day that I can somewhat compare to this, though, I dont think it has ever been that bad!

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