LIT COFFEE – Ethical gifting {GIVEAWAY!}

This is part of a Series. {I hope you’ll read the rest}

When I became interested in fair trade, I couldn’t fathom where to begin. If I decided to be fair trade overnight, I’d go bankrupt and probably give up the next week. Perhaps I would have given up entirely. Actually, I did that a few times. When I started my research, I was completely overwhelmed. First off, I was overwhelmed at the prices, then I was overwhelmed by the lack of options, then I was overwhelmed by how necessary but impossible this task felt.

The best advice I was ever given was to start by committing to purchasing only fair trade chocolate and coffee (or tea, in my case). There are a lot of reasons to start with these items. First off, those are two of the most violent industries, typically with a large amount of slave labor. Secondly, there are a lot of high quality options for good chocolate and coffee. Finally, the price point is not that different between high quality coffee and chocolate, and the fair trade options for these products.

Which brings me to the newest fair trade company I’m thrilled to see come into existence:
LIT Coffee.

She’s a brand new company, created by some friends of mine in Bangkok, Thailand. One was my pastor, someone who was very influential in my life and in the lives of my friends, the second is a newer arrival that I met just the weekend before I left the country. When I left them, they had a lot of ideas, a lot of business experience and a lot of passion to share. Neither one was planning LIT coffee at that time, and I didn’t know what would come of their passions or their friendship.

Six months later they joined forces and started a company. Yesterday, I read this:

We believe coffee’s cultural pervasiveness has a unique advantage to shine light in dark places. So we source direct-trade beans from under-funded farmers, addressing the power imbalances typically found in organic growing methods. 25% of our profits go to helping refugees, internally displaced persons, and asylum seekers.


LIT Coffee doesn’t just pay the coffee farmers a fair wage, the profits go to change the lives of people living in fear. Why not go for it?

Good coffee, coffee culture, fair trade and this time – I’ll pick up your tab.

–:GIVEAWAY! Comment on this post either here OR  Facebook, and I will
enter your name in a drawing for a one of THREE pounds of LIT Coffee:–

Details: Giveaway runs until midnight of December 20th, 2013, EST.
The winners will be randomly selected the morning of December 21st, and notified by private message that evening.
Only residents of the continental United States are eligible for this giveaway.
I was not asked to sponsor this giveaway and received no compensation for this giveaway. All opinions are my own.


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