LIZ ALIG – Ethical Gifting {GIVEAWAY!}

This is part of a Series. {I hope you’ll read the rest}

In 2010, I needed a roommate. There was this girl at my church who had told me she might, possibly, be looking for a place to stay. I don’t know why, but I decided she was the best option for me and my other roommate. She’d work. I liked her. I spent about 3 months convincing this near-stranger to live with us. She moved in, and 3.5 years later we’re still living together.


Cambodian Children

What I didn’t bargain for when she moved in was that I would become the unofficial Liz Alig Assistant, helping her get her newly launched line of fair trade clothing off the ground. That I would start to plan my trips around potential sites for her to make contacts. That I now check every piece of clothing I purchase for it’s country of origin, that I no longer feel right about buying clothing unless I know it was manufactured under fair working conditions. I needed a roommate, instead I got a perspective shift.

The story of LizAlig is pretty simple. My roommate went to school for fashion design, and then took the opportunity to work in Kenya and India for a few months. While there, she decided to visit the places where her clothing was manufactured. She didn’t like what she saw. When she came back to the USA, she had trouble getting a job in her industry, so she started her own business: Liz Alig: {fashion driven} Fair Trade


Take a look. Five years ago, she had the idea to use recycled materials and have her friends’ Women’s Cooperative in Honduras sew them, paying the women a fair wage. These women would otherwise be in extreme poverty, or prostitution. In the 5 years since Liz launched the line, she’s grown to manufacturing her clothes at various locations in ten different countries. Some of her material is recycled, some is ethically sourced and organic, other material is leftover from factory waste. She’s not the answer to everything, in fact you might not even like her style. She is an option, though, and one I hope you’ll consider.

Vote with your money, my friends.

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Details: Giveaway runs until Midnight of January 4th, 2014, EST.
The winners will be randomly selected the morning of January 5th, and notified by private message that evening. 
I was not asked to sponsor this giveaway and received no compensation for this promotion. All opinions and beliefs are my own, influenced by personal experience and 3.5 years of questions.


7 thoughts on “LIZ ALIG – Ethical Gifting {GIVEAWAY!}

  1. Happy New Year Megan! I’ve enjoyed your posts on ethical giving and buying, something we have struggled with for a long time. It’s hard being green……..

  2. It is really cool to see how you both have influenced each other’s lives in such profitable ways. I wonder if your perspective shift in this way of thinking would have been different if I had been your roommate 🙂 I want to do a better job in supporting fair trade like Liz Alig, and I need to remember we are influencing people’s lives by where we spend our money. Thanks for the awareness!

  3. Thank you for these posts! It’s neat to see what others are doing and to be reminded of the importance of these issues 🙂 you are awesome!

  4. Have you read much about the Fair Labor Association? PrAna and Patagonia both have their supply chains audited by them. I wonder how well their standards overlap with fair trade?

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