For a mid western girl grown in the cornfields, 2013 was a year of intense change. I caught myself remembering an email I wrote to a friend after my senior year of high school. I was complaining about my family moving house, me starting a new job and announced my hatred for change. Since that time, I have called 4 countries ‘home’, studied 3 languages, mastered one language, lived with 30+ different individuals in over 13 homes, studied at three different post-secondary institutions, earned one degree, been published, called 4 different churches ‘home’, learned to eat extra spicy food, learned a few dances (club and Latin – loosely), fallen in love with running, mastered public transit in 4 cities, traveled to 5 new countries, cut my hair, grown my hair, held 15 jobs and 3 internships, discovered a passion for Fair Trade and Social Justice, broken off a slew of unhealthy relationships, reunited several dormant relationships, said no to more than one offer of a Relationship, become a sister-in-law twice, become an aunt 3 times, been hated and loved, and hated and loved in return, wrecked 3 cars, owned 6 cars, continued to be an artistic insomniac who loves tea and drinks water like it’s going out of style.  Learned to laugh at myself.

I am still ultimately the same, spending time supporting small businesses and exploring Asian food shops on the weekend. My motivation is similar – but expressed very differently. I doubt I would recognize myself if I met myself 10 years ago… and that is okay.

2013 Only offered me 4 homes, 4 jobs, 1 trans-pacific flight, 3 stamps in my passport, 978 ever-changing plans for the future, 1 permanent job, more good-byes and hellos than I can count. And still moments of isolation and boredom. I crave new experiences. I long for adventure.


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