Conversations with Preschoolers


Drinking Tea at the Farmer's Market

Drinking Tea at the Farmer’s Market

Lucy is 4, almost 5. Iana is 2 1/2. They’re hysterical, and have no grasp of reality.

Iana, upon exiting a public restroom into the shop: Where’s the pancakes!?

Me: At my house, silly.

Iana: This is your house? You live here!?


Lucy (pointing to my beer): What’s that?

Me: Daddy juice.

Lucy: Oh, Daddy juice. You drink it, too?

Me: Yes.

Lucy: Daddy juice isn’t good for little girls….And it’s not good for little-bit-big girls, either. I’m a little-bit-big girl.


Me: I love you, Iana.

Iana: Yes, you do.

Me: I love you, Lucy.

Lucy: Tickle my toes!


Me:  I talked to your auntie Lilly today, about Baby Daisy.

Lucy: Is she getting big?!

Iana: She bite my finger.

Lucy: No, she did not! She’s a baby, and babies can’t bite.
Meggie, what did Auntie Lilly say about baby Daisy?

Iana (whispering): She’s NOT bery nice.


Me: Did you know you’re going to be in your Auntie Julia’s wedding?

Lucy: YES! YES WE ARE! And we are going to be in it with Baby Daisy, and walk down the aisle with her. We’re going to teach her to walk, so she can walk down the aisle with us.

Clearly, priorities.


Me: Lucy, let’s play the quiet game, to see who can be the quietest this morning. I think your dad’s going to win.

Lucy: The quiet game? What’s that? How is Daddy going to win?!

Me: By not talking the most. The person who doesn’t talk the most wins. Let’s start now.

Lucy: But what’s the game part?! I just need to talk to someone!!


Me: What did you dream about last night, Lucy?

Lucy: I don’t have dreams. Did you dream?

Me: Yes, I dreamt. I dreamt about my friends and maybe work and running.

Lucy: I think you had a dream about my shirt. You had a dream about the doggie on my shirt and how you wanted to have a pajama shirt just like me, so you could have a doggie on your shirt. Isn’t that what you dreamt about?


Ellen: It was nice to meet you, Lucy.

Lucy: Why did you want to meet me?!


Ellen/Megan: Hi, we’re home!

Lucy: Why are you here again!? Who are you? Why are you here?


They said they needed to go to their Job, catching Santa

They said they needed to go to their Job, catching Santa


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