Speak up

Yesterday afternoon, something awful happened. Mental illness (not selfishness, mental illness) took the life of Robin Williams. His pain is worth mourning, along with our own loss.


Please help prevent this from happening to others. You can. And this is how….

Yesterday (the very day we lost Robin Williams), I took a business friend out for coffee, as a thank you for some help she had given me.

Then it got real.

I fiddled with my drink. And we talked about the weather. And then I said.

‘So. When I was in school, the worst part for me was handling all the stress. And it got really scary when I started realizing many people I knew weren’t handling it well. Then I was messed up and unhealthy. And I wouldn’t eat. I guess I never had a ‘real’ eating disorder. But that tendency is there. It’s not easy to get help. I finally did get help . Now I’m not afraid to get help sooner when I realize my brain isn’t working the way it should. It’s still hard to explain how I react and when I’m not healthy. I don’t think straight.

‘I know you’ve been having a hard time recently. You have been through a lot. And I am concerned. I’ve seen how your body’s reacting, how hard this is. You don’t have to talk to me. I just want you to know I will listen, because I know how hard life can be. And I want to help you get help, if you need someone by your side.’

We talked and this odd person I barely know, she’s getting help.

I am so proud of her.

I’m not writing this as my own experience. I’m writing this so you can have a template for helping. It’s not easy. And officially, this was ‘none of my business’, but let me make it very clear: Humans need one another. Desperately. And humanity is better together.

Reach out and help. It’s scary. But when we feel like we are drowning, the fear and desperate pain that is inside our minds is incomparable to the awkwardness you feel. I promise.

Please help one another.

On this topic, local blogger Casey Mullens has some excellent advice…FOLLOW THE LINK!


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