When Gratefulness is an Easy Solution

I moved to Dallas three weeks ago. Done. Position accepted. Current position left. Home packed. Moved.

The move took place 12 days after accepting the position in Dallas. 6 months after I started searching for a new employer. To say I am relieved is an understatement. To say I am overwhelmed, untrue. To say it has been too fast and busy to form an opinion, completely accurate.

I don’t love Dallas yet. That’s the sad part. I had fallen into a comfortable joy with Indy. Cozy and nostalgic, yet sometimes surprising. I miss Indy.

I don’t dislike my job at all. I speak as though l love it, and that is in great part just a way to speak goodness into my future. After looking for so long, I didn’t accept this position simply on the offer. I did ponder and discuss. The struggle is that I accepted, wholeheartedly, and must put my hand to the plow and not look back. After years of looking for a good fit, I am used to keeping an eye out. No more, Megan Rose, eyes ahead and not to either side.

How strange. Soon it will be comforting. Now it is only strange.

I went home for Thanksgiving, which was marvelous. Being there, though, did spark a bit of homesickness. I remembered what it was like to find a gas station without pulling a U-turn. Wonderful.

Right now, I am tryyyyyying to focus on things I do have, and not the incredibly long list of unfamiliars in my life. It’s the season of thanks, after all.

Like the fact that I miss my friends, not that I have no friends. The fact that I only had to postpone visiting Paris this year, not give up the dream. The fact that I don’t know where the grocery is located, not that it doesn’t exist. The fact that, in light of the recent events in our country, I am grateful to work with kind and respectful men and women, Caucasians and Minorities.

Mostly, I am grateful that very soon the frustrations from the move will not be the predominant elements of my life.

Your turn. Why are you grateful?


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