Here we are!

This was once the story of a college graduate, exploring the field of Interior Design while exploring the world as a Farang in Bangkok.

Since that time, I’ve returned to the USA to save money, prepare for graduate school and explore my options of returning to live as an Expat. Returning hasn’t been easy, simple or in the least bit sensible. I’ve wondered many times if I made the right decision to come home, but the decision is made.

What you’ll find these days, mid-2013, are the stories of a girl looking for the Culture and the Spirit of her surroundings, trying to recognize the magic and the beauty that is Freedom and Life, no matter where that life is lived out. You’ll read about someone struggling to be free of legalism, even while completely attracted to the Absolutes in life. You’ll meet someone working at an hourly job, and learning that this has meaning because this is my Life, and Life has Meaning.

Finally, you can walk with me as I seek out the next overseas adventure…whether in 2014, or 2020, I was never meant to stay here and I won’t stay here.

Please join me as I figure out this next phase, as I learn that adventure is in your choices not your circumstances or your location, adventure is your reaction not your predicament.


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