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The insanity of our unsafety

What I didn’t tell you about the disaster of my foot the other day, is that I was out with a friend from work. Strangely enough, her name is also Megan. She’s quitting, to go into a more creative position for a pretty amazing company. Today I realized it’s probably a very good thing. We’re … Continue reading

Learned in Cambodia

Learned in Cambodia

I went to Cambodia with my old roommate last week and had a few adventures. It wasn’t exactly a fun trip. For her it was a business trip, to make contacts for Liz Alig. For me it was an ultra-budget vacation and a chance to see another developing country. Things I have learned: 1. I … Continue reading

Chiang Mai

Did I tell you I went to Chiang Mai over Christmas? It’s the second-largest city in Thailand, about 10 hours north of Bangkok. But so quiet. You can get out of the city in 15 minutes, and the air doesn’t smell quite so pungent. It was a lovely change. My snapshots, and a few from … Continue reading

Border Crossing (crazy) Hope

Parts 1, 2 and 3 of my adventures with Immigration can be found Here, Here  and also There. I meet the best people at Immigration. I really do. From my trip to Laos I am still in contact with a few people and wouldn’t mind visiting someday. Poipet, Cambodia was no different. I stood in … Continue reading

Border Crossing Madness

Other posts on Visa Madness were posted in October, Just recently, as well as Here and There. Last weekend was nearing the date when my visa would expire, so I needed to get a Re-Entry stamp. This means I have to cross a border, get a departure stamp in my passport, and then re-enter, effectively … Continue reading

Refinding Beauty

The other day I went to dinner at Si’s house. My friend Raquel and I were the only Farangs present. Si and her daughter were the only others who spoke English. We sat on the floor and enjoyed our rice and curry, with clementines for dessert. We held the babies and assured the mothers that … Continue reading