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These years

Note: Most of this was written 2.5 weeks ago. In general, my outlook has improved, but – this is a glimpse of a momentary reality. Cringe at will. My birthday was last week. Damnit. I was so mad. Not because I had to get up at 4:15 am to open the store. Rather, because it … Continue reading

These wishes and wandering hopes

I have a laundry list of distractions, and desires, and because it’s 1:26 in the morning, I’m sharing them with you. I want to be an architect. I want to be a mother. I want to know that where I am is making a difference. I want to light up the room when I enter. … Continue reading

All summed up and tidy

This is my 150th post. One-five-oh. I ought to have written awhile ago, but I didn’t. That’s that. There it is, and settled. Somehow, I feel that this ought to be an epic post, a place where I introduce you to the next, thrilling phase of my life. Only, I can’t. This phase isn’t thrilling, … Continue reading

That illusive community {Just Write}

I sprained my foot Saturday evening, in a foolish act of stumbling off a sidewalk while trying to say good-bye to a friend. Thus I’ve spent the last three days on the large red couch in my living room, butt-scooting upstairs for the restroom, asking my roommates to carry my food from kitchen to couch, … Continue reading

If I were into that {Just Write}

If I were into the Christianese phraseology, this post would be about finding my calling. I’d write about how God has called me to help people, how God has ‘called me to the nations’, how God has given me this ridiculous amount of insatiable curiosity. However, I’m not into that scene. I’m not into phrases, … Continue reading

The Case of Employment

What you don’t see here, on this public blog, are the half-dozen posts I’ve written and saved, unpublished. As I’ve had a lot of time on my hands lately, I’ve been pondering and dissecting many situations. Some of this is bad, some of it is helping me get to a better understanding of who I … Continue reading


The writing continues, and for the next short while (I hope it’s short, anyway) it may be quite rambly, at times resembling a journal. I won’t apologize, because I think every writer needs these moments. This is my reverse culture shock honesty…enjoy! I’ve been stateside now for exactly three weeks. I’m still at my parents’ … Continue reading

What’s next?

I am not entirely sure where to go with this blog now. Ideas? They are welcome, although I don’t promise to follow them. I am no longer just a visitor, I guess I haven’t been for several months. But writing consistently-ish for 5 months was much easier for me to mentally handle than this unknown. … Continue reading