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I met this girl once in Bangkok, because I watched her and her sister-in-law ask several Thai people for directions to no avail. No one knew where to direct them. I sighed, drug myself out of my over-stimulated-introverted haze, and offered to help. We spent, oh, perhaps 25 minutes together. Five minutes helping walking together … Continue reading

Public transport

The thing about public transport, is that it’s never quite as simple as one believes. Especially in a mega-city, on busy days, when you don’t live close to the main lines. Which is why, I am wearing a sundress and running shoes at 9 pm at night, on my way to the airport while carrying … Continue reading


Today a series of surprises at work led to me catching the train home at 9:40 pm instead of 5:40 pm. Granted. We all have long days. Still such a late and long day and then realizing I had missed the last bus and would have to take a taxi or a motorbike home made … Continue reading

Train Station Tears

This time, at least, the tears weren’t mine. I was making the transfer from the Airport Link (elevated train) to the nearby MRT (subway) and needed to break my 50 baht note to pay for my upcoming mototaxi ride. Standing in line, I saw a white woman speaking urgently with the teller, and all three … Continue reading

Clearly, I have a slightly different vantage point than the average Thai: Taken with my phone, on the train today [please excuse the quality]. Claustrophobia, anyone?

Like a sore thumb

When I was recruiting students to come to Thailand with my university’s study abroad trip in July, one of the comments I made was how people in Thailand are too polite to stare/point at us Caucasians. At the time, I completely believed my little anecdote. You see, while in South America, it wasn’t unusual for … Continue reading

Stories on the Train

Yesterday I met a gentleman on the train. This isn’t unusual, I see foreigners on my commute everyday, but I tend to ignore them. This is in part because, honestly, I’m not a very friendly traveler. I prefer my quiet and a book, my thoughts and space. It’s that way on a plane, a bus … Continue reading

So, that happened

I climbed into the almost-full truck-bus, and two tiny Thai girls scooted apart to give me a seat. I looked at that 11 inches of bench, and thought, “Maybe I can perch.” I started to sit down, and then bounced back up saying quickly, “Mai, mai, mai – it’s okay, okay, mai-pen-rai.” [No, no, no … Continue reading

This is life

Chatting with a friend on facebook last night, she aptly stated, “The honeymoon is over”. It’s true, unfortunately. Thais are not on their best behaviour anymore, I know just enough to pick up when something is out of order, I am allowed to wash dishes at my home (versus being told no, you’re a guest), … Continue reading