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Reverse. Shock. Shock. Shock

I went to my favorite international grocery store tonight, on a whim. I love this place. I love the chaos, and the colors and the wacky, miswritten signs. I love that I feel like I have stepped out of my home, and into another country. International waters. Usually, a visit is intoxicating. Tonight wasn’t intoxicating. … Continue reading

This is my Thank You

I should have posted this long ago, but I have not been rushing anything these past few months. On Sept 2nd, 2013, a friend and mentor of mine died. His name was Nopadon. P’Pog. Arjahn. I called him Arjahn Nopadon, the man who opened doors for me. There were many great people I had the … Continue reading

These angry aches and pains…

Today I read the post of an acquaintance on Facebook, noting that it looks like America is preparing to go into war to prevent Syria from continuing the use of chemical armaments. His argument was that it’s time for France to get involved, and give America and Great Britain a break. I wrote back stating … Continue reading

The Case of Employment

What you don’t see here, on this public blog, are the half-dozen posts I’ve written and saved, unpublished. As I’ve had a lot of time on my hands lately, I’ve been pondering and dissecting many situations. Some of this is bad, some of it is helping me get to a better understanding of who I … Continue reading

To my cities, with Love

To my cities, with Love

To Lafayette/West Lafayette, Thank you for a lovely childhood. For introducing my parents to one another, for teaching me about all of the wonderful ways to explore downtown, cross-culture, language, art and family. You contain memories of my first friends, but also of my angry teens and my isolated, terrified first college years. We have … Continue reading


The writing continues, and for the next short while (I hope it’s short, anyway) it may be quite rambly, at times resembling a journal. I won’t apologize, because I think every writer needs these moments. This is my reverse culture shock honesty…enjoy! I’ve been stateside now for exactly three weeks. I’m still at my parents’ … Continue reading

Learned in Cambodia

Learned in Cambodia

I went to Cambodia with my old roommate last week and had a few adventures. It wasn’t exactly a fun trip. For her it was a business trip, to make contacts for Liz Alig. For me it was an ultra-budget vacation and a chance to see another developing country. Things I have learned: 1. I … Continue reading

Critical part 2

What prompted my earlier fuss over the lack of critical thinking in Thai culture was a series of road-blocks to my ability to perform at work. You see, I don’t think like a Thai. I also don’t fully know all the methods or standards of this office. I was not trained with the same process … Continue reading

Critical – Yes, sir!

This post has been brewing for awhile, and I’m hesitant to write it because it IS critical of the Asian approach to many things. After living here for nearly 9 months, though, I have some freedom to question and even criticize. This isn’t supposed to be the end-all or be-all in explaining Thai thinking, but … Continue reading


Friend 1: According to the Expat forum, you have to get birth control from a doctor – with a PRESCRIPTION. Friend 2: I can’t believe that. [Later] Friend 2: I asked a nurse friend of mine, she says you can get it from the pharmacy. Friend 1: Well that simplifies things. Friend 2: Yeah, seriously. … Continue reading