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I met this girl once in Bangkok, because I watched her and her sister-in-law ask several Thai people for directions to no avail. No one knew where to direct them. I sighed, drug myself out of my over-stimulated-introverted haze, and offered to help. We spent, oh, perhaps 25 minutes together. Five minutes helping walking together … Continue reading

These angry aches and pains…

Today I read the post of an acquaintance on Facebook, noting that it looks like America is preparing to go into war to prevent Syria from continuing the use of chemical armaments. His argument was that it’s time for France to get involved, and give America and Great Britain a break. I wrote back stating … Continue reading

Oy! But this is annoying

Looking back on my life, my life started with family, spread into the Church community my parents had chosen and then slowly branched into a larger circle of friends found through school, work, and various other activities. There’s a truism that you only hurt the ones you love. Those most vital to my normalcy are … Continue reading