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Conversations with Preschoolers

  Lucy is 4, almost 5. Iana is 2 1/2. They’re hysterical, and have no grasp of reality. Iana, upon exiting a public restroom into the shop: Where’s the pancakes!? Me: At my house, silly. Iana: This is your house? You live here!? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucy (pointing to my beer): What’s that? Me: Daddy juice. Lucy: … Continue reading

Too much because it’s not enough

This post wasn’t written by me, but by The Extraordinary Ordinary, a blogger I’m learning to respect. She writes about the normalcy, and finding the beauty in that. She is the creator of {Just Write}, which I sometimes participate in on Tuesdays. In my frustrations and feeling like I am fighting invisible, immovable walls {can’t-go-can’t-stay-must-move-can’t-budge-WHY?!}, … Continue reading

Chiang Mai

Did I tell you I went to Chiang Mai over Christmas? It’s the second-largest city in Thailand, about 10 hours north of Bangkok. But so quiet. You can get out of the city in 15 minutes, and the air doesn’t smell quite so pungent. It was a lovely change. My snapshots, and a few from … Continue reading


I will never hear the Australian term, “Sickie” – referring to someone who is ill, without a slight smirk. Sickie. Really? And you want me to take you seriously!? That doesn’t exclude me from using the term, or typing it anyway. Because that’s what I was today, a full-on sickie. Made the mistake of thinking … Continue reading

Late, so very, very late!

I had a post all set to go, and then realized I have to wait to share some exciting news. So. In the meantime… This is Durian: A fruit with such a strong smell I’ve never eaten it (aside from in a cookie), I can’t get within three feet of it without making a face, … Continue reading