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Reverse. Shock. Shock. Shock

I went to my favorite international grocery store tonight, on a whim. I love this place. I love the chaos, and the colors and the wacky, miswritten signs. I love that I feel like I have stepped out of my home, and into another country. International waters. Usually, a visit is intoxicating. Tonight wasn’t intoxicating. … Continue reading

Real talk chaos of my life.

I work in an industry where appearance is everything. No, but really. I am intensely interested in the structure of a building, in the arrangement of your windows, in the amount of glare I can prevent by specifying appropriate window treatments, and how much more productive you will be through these decisions – but really. … Continue reading

Too much because it’s not enough

This post wasn’t written by me, but by The Extraordinary Ordinary, a blogger I’m learning to respect. She writes about the normalcy, and finding the beauty in that. She is the creator of {Just Write}, which I sometimes participate in on Tuesdays. In my frustrations and feeling like I am fighting invisible, immovable walls {can’t-go-can’t-stay-must-move-can’t-budge-WHY?!}, … Continue reading


I used to make lists constantly. Always. Everywhere. If I know you in person, I am sure you were once part of a list. My compartmentalization that wasn’t allowed to be confused with another compartment. Deal? This is how I handled everything. everything. No blurring. It didn’t work. Life is too messy and I ran … Continue reading

Food: Loves and a Disaster

Healthy food does not have to taste THAT healthy! Oh my word. Spinach is fine. Ice is great. Spinach Icee? Not so much. Hmmm. But, it’s still so pretty. I just had to eat it. And in reality, I rarely know exactly what I’m eating (thank the Lord I don’t have any food allergies!), so … Continue reading

My Happy Tea

My happy place is synonymous with tea. Happy glorious, dark, warm and creamy tea. There’s a line in Anne of Green Gables where Anne’s caretaker is described as one of those people who sees little in the world that cannot be solved with a good cup of tea. Personally, I don’t understand anyone aside from … Continue reading