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Real talk chaos of my life.

I work in an industry where appearance is everything. No, but really. I am intensely interested in the structure of a building, in the arrangement of your windows, in the amount of glare I can prevent by specifying appropriate window treatments, and how much more productive you will be through these decisions – but really. … Continue reading

This Fall {Just Write}

“You’re quitting? You’ve got to be kidding me.” Yes. My last day is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I’ll be out of here. Gone. I start my new job on Monday, the 2nd of December. “Starting the holidays with a new job.” Yes. It feels surreal, and I pinch myself to keep from getting too excited. … Continue reading

Critical part 2

What prompted my earlier fuss over the lack of critical thinking in Thai culture was a series of road-blocks to my ability to perform at work. You see, I don’t think like a Thai. I also don’t fully know all the methods or standards of this office. I was not trained with the same process … Continue reading

All the things I’ve learned

Of all the things we complained about in school, the worst was designing for someone else. And now. That is all I do. Really? You thought your best friend was hard to work with? Have you considered designing alongside a boss who doesn’t know you and certainly needn’t spare your feelings? While everything I learned … Continue reading

Still kicking

These are the things you need to know about this week. “Need” being used exceptionally loosely in this instance. 1. I logged 15 hours of overtime this week. Add 18.5 hours of travel time in there, and 2 hours for lunch and dinner and you realize that I spent less than 8 hours at home … Continue reading

Sundry Details – Completed

NOTE: There’s a short little review at the end if you want it quick. Alright, let’s get this down and be done. The beautiful thing about Thai kindness is that they will often help you even if doing so seems unprofessional. To this end, when I told my manager I needed to find a place … Continue reading

Sundry Details

As I have already broken the news, so to speak, regarding my change of plans, I suppose it is only right that I end my NaBloPoMo experience with an explanation of this decision. A long time ago, probably as a sophomore in high school, I would travel any chance I was given. I never had … Continue reading

Why Thailand? Pt 2

After submitting my portfolio, cover letter, statement of purpose and a series of emails back and forth – I officially had an Internship waiting for me to accept. In Bangkok. That was that. Ish. I did spend the next month and a half explaining/defending the situation to my parents, weighing the financial implications (making it … Continue reading

Down to work

A few (dozen) of my readers have asked me – not on my blog – how work is going. You know, the purpose for my time here, what enabled me to come and write such ridiculous and entertaining stories. That. I shy away from discussing it too much because I don’t want to jeopardize my … Continue reading