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Garfield had the right idea.

“How are you, Megan?” “ooookay-eh” I squeaked out. “Well, not really. I’m 15 minutes late, fighting a cold, the roads are awful, I think I forgot to eat breakfast. Oh, I forgot my lunch.” The day went downhill from there. By 8 am, I had woken up late, realized I was losing my voice, discovered … Continue reading

This Fall {Just Write}

“You’re quitting? You’ve got to be kidding me.” Yes. My last day is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I’ll be out of here. Gone. I start my new job on Monday, the 2nd of December. “Starting the holidays with a new job.” Yes. It feels surreal, and I pinch myself to keep from getting too excited. … Continue reading

What we really think….

One of the angriest versions of my retail-working self. Please read with grace, and avoid my self checkout.   Customer: What’s this mean? Why’s it sayin’ this?! I paid in Cash!! [Computer is requesting optional information, such as address, PO or a phone number to used, as is clearly stated on the screen, in case … Continue reading

Everyone and their opinions

Cheyla – I got two kids, and when I’m at work, they’re at school or with their grandparents or their aunts. What about you? You got kids? Me – Nope, I have other things to do with my time right now. Do you have the broom? Cheyla – You want kids? Me – Sure, someday. … Continue reading

These conversations

Real quick, before I get any additional texts or emails asking if my previous post referred to the box store position, sorry – No. I am still employed. I was interviewed for both positions the same week, took the telemarketing job  as I was waiting to hear about the hardware store position. I thought I … Continue reading

I quit

[Note: This entry touches on things that I often avoid discussing openly. Because I am more at peace with the situation, I’ve decided that I ought to adjust my tendencies. All I ask in return is that you Please be Gracious as you read. This is not a cry for help, this is a description.] … Continue reading

The Case of Employment

What you don’t see here, on this public blog, are the half-dozen posts I’ve written and saved, unpublished. As I’ve had a lot of time on my hands lately, I’ve been pondering and dissecting many situations. Some of this is bad, some of it is helping me get to a better understanding of who I … Continue reading