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This Age {Just Write}

I’m participating in {Just Write} an exercise in Free Writing. Details below. “My credit score is great.” “Got a loan for a car.” “Up all night, and there was no alcohol involved.” “Going to to the Doctor, baby is sick.” “I want to settle down. Start a family.” “I lost the baby.” “I’m expecting, again.” … Continue reading

This Fall {Just Write}

“You’re quitting? You’ve got to be kidding me.” Yes. My last day is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I’ll be out of here. Gone. I start my new job on Monday, the 2nd of December. “Starting the holidays with a new job.” Yes. It feels surreal, and I pinch myself to keep from getting too excited. … Continue reading

Too much because it’s not enough

This post wasn’t written by me, but by The Extraordinary Ordinary, a blogger I’m learning to respect. She writes about the normalcy, and finding the beauty in that. She is the creator of {Just Write}, which I sometimes participate in on Tuesdays. In my frustrations and feeling like I am fighting invisible, immovable walls {can’t-go-can’t-stay-must-move-can’t-budge-WHY?!}, … Continue reading

That illusive community {Just Write}

I sprained my foot Saturday evening, in a foolish act of stumbling off a sidewalk while trying to say good-bye to a friend. Thus I’ve spent the last three days on the large red couch in my living room, butt-scooting upstairs for the restroom, asking my roommates to carry my food from kitchen to couch, … Continue reading

If I were into that {Just Write}

If I were into the Christianese phraseology, this post would be about finding my calling. I’d write about how God has called me to help people, how God has ‘called me to the nations’, how God has given me this ridiculous amount of insatiable curiosity. However, I’m not into that scene. I’m not into phrases, … Continue reading

Seang Taow {just write}

Another exercise in Just Writing. Riding the Seang Taow is so natural now. I wonder at the fact that I stumbled through my first ride, getting off sooner than necessary, asking the price, dripping sweat on my first day to work. I climbed on this morning, bypassing the normal mototaxi ride, happy to save 30 … Continue reading