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Language confusion

Have I mentioned to you that I’m pretty good at learning languages? Not incredible, just above-average. It serves me well when I’m traveling, it helped me communicate 90% in Spanish for 3 months in Peru, opened many doors to new and better friendships with people. Six weeks into my first stay in Chile, my European … Continue reading

My time, your time

I spent eight months in South America. Six of those months, I was the English-speaking minority amongst my circle. Learning another language is hard. Here, I have to remember that after 3 months in Chile, I was convinced the language breakthrough was a myth and I would never communicate clearly. The breakthrough came at about … Continue reading

Thai Sounds

Interchangeable sounds in the Thai Language R may equal L K can also be G B and P are interchangeable O and U sometimes switch seats If I am not careful with my tones, I call my lovely English-speaking co-worker “Meaty Man” and no one knows to whom I am referring.

Mischievous Mishaps of Meggie

M3 Part 3 We had a bag of pistachios on the table in my department, open and ready to be shared. One of the architects discovered this and spent the afternoon returning every half hour for another handful. Jokingly, I asked if he was addicted. “A…addicted? What means this…?” I tried explaining it, but quickly … Continue reading

For the record

….You should know that the following situation is wreaking havoc on my pronuncation of the English Language, even if I am speaking my native language: 1. Speaking almost exclusively with non-native English-speakers. 2. Listening to BBC Radio, and British DJs for 7 hours a day. 3. Listening to Indian pop music on BBC Radio, with … Continue reading


It seems that catching up all at once on the weekends is my wont, so I’m going to embrace it and continue the practice. In Thailand, everyone has a nickname. Everyone. Unlike Americans, where we might have a family nickname, and a friend nickname and we don’t introduce ourselves as such, these names are typically … Continue reading


My coworkers often struggle with English, and the mistakes that slip out are usually pretty humorous. One of these lovely people, although she is shy and it takes great effort each time, stops by my desk every single morning to make conversation. Unfortunately for her, this morning’s chat was not entirely flattering: PB: Megan! Today … Continue reading