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Trying not to kill kindness

I haven’t had the best of weeks. By Thursday, I started feeling human again…and that’s when humanity could show it’s frightened face. Monday-Wednesday, I was wounded, battered and on edge. Tuesday, I purposefully fell asleep on the couch before 8 pm. Too angry and pitiful to go away to my room. This was after the … Continue reading

Rude, you say?

In America, it’s rude not to call or respond to emails within 24 hour (casual chats aside). In Thailand it’s rude to demand a response. In America, since I turned 18 I have called 98% of my friends and professional acquaintances by their first name. This includes most of my professors. In Thailand, everyone older … Continue reading


My coworkers often struggle with English, and the mistakes that slip out are usually pretty humorous. One of these lovely people, although she is shy and it takes great effort each time, stops by my desk every single morning to make conversation. Unfortunately for her, this morning’s chat was not entirely flattering: PB: Megan! Today … Continue reading

Snippets of Confusion

The biggest thing I’m being forced to cultivate here in Thailand is patience. I never fully understand any situation, and nothing is ever as simple as it appears once I believe I understand the situation. For example – this week my computer adapter blew. The details of that situation include me crying like a baby … Continue reading