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High Hopes and Great Expectations

For the second time this week, I typed up a long-winded post only to decide I needed to wait to share it. EEEK. The silver lining is that while you may be faced with half-a-dozen wimpy posts this week, shortly you’ll be overwhelmed with EXCITING. SCINTILLATING. BRILLIANT. POSTS! At least I like to think so. Saturday … Continue reading


I will never hear the Australian term, “Sickie” – referring to someone who is ill, without a slight smirk. Sickie. Really? And you want me to take you seriously!? That doesn’t exclude me from using the term, or typing it anyway. Because that’s what I was today, a full-on sickie. Made the mistake of thinking … Continue reading

Late, so very, very late!

I had a post all set to go, and then realized I have to wait to share some exciting news. So. In the meantime… This is Durian: A fruit with such a strong smell I’ve never eaten it (aside from in a cookie), I can’t get within three feet of it without making a face, … Continue reading

Bangkok Favorites

Finding beauty and humor in Bangkok           I am participating in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), posting everyday for the month of November. Below I will post links to other participating bloggers. If you’d like a link, please leave a comment. Thanks! [All listed links + descriptions are at my discretion, they … Continue reading

Train Station Tears

This time, at least, the tears weren’t mine. I was making the transfer from the Airport Link (elevated train) to the nearby MRT (subway) and needed to break my 50 baht note to pay for my upcoming mototaxi ride. Standing in line, I saw a white woman speaking urgently with the teller, and all three … Continue reading


I used to make lists constantly. Always. Everywhere. If I know you in person, I am sure you were once part of a list. My compartmentalization that wasn’t allowed to be confused with another compartment. Deal? This is how I handled everything. everything. No blurring. It didn’t work. Life is too messy and I ran … Continue reading