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These years

Note: Most of this was written 2.5 weeks ago. In general, my outlook has improved, but – this is a glimpse of a momentary reality. Cringe at will. My birthday was last week. Damnit. I was so mad. Not because I had to get up at 4:15 am to open the store. Rather, because it … Continue reading


My former roommate is coming to visit me *right* before I leave for the States. Words cannot contain my excitement. For the first twenty-four hours after receiving her travel details, I walked around randomly grinning and squealed with excitement when I told my friends here. While she’s here, we’re going to Cambodia to visit an … Continue reading

Future Plans

People are leaving. Lots of people. One of my closest friends is back in  the USA “for two months”, though I wonder if she’ll return or begin rebuilding her life in NYC. My other good friend leaves permanently on March 28th. My old host/sister/friend, Mod Dang, moved to live with her husband in the North … Continue reading