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Reverse. Shock. Shock. Shock

I went to my favorite international grocery store tonight, on a whim. I love this place. I love the chaos, and the colors and the wacky, miswritten signs. I love that I feel like I have stepped out of my home, and into another country. International waters. Usually, a visit is intoxicating. Tonight wasn’t intoxicating. … Continue reading

Language confusion

Have I mentioned to you that I’m pretty good at learning languages? Not incredible, just above-average. It serves me well when I’m traveling, it helped me communicate 90% in Spanish for 3 months in Peru, opened many doors to new and better friendships with people. Six weeks into my first stay in Chile, my European … Continue reading

Impossibly Easy

I got through, oh – 4 posts? – Without dwelling on Reverse Culture Shock. I’m patting myself on the back for that transition. Now I’m giving myself a break and comparing and contrasting for a bit. Life in America feels Impossibly Easy. As in, because it’s so sensible and I can just COMMUNICATE ALREADY, I … Continue reading

Oy! But this is annoying

Looking back on my life, my life started with family, spread into the Church community my parents had chosen and then slowly branched into a larger circle of friends found through school, work, and various other activities. There’s a truism that you only hurt the ones you love. Those most vital to my normalcy are … Continue reading

Reverse Culture Shock

I don’t have a job, but apparently, I have Reverse Culture Shock. I’ve begun moving back in with my old roommate, back to Indianapolis, closer to my old life. The best part of this move is that I’m talking with my roommate again, someone who’s traveled a significant amount. Today she asked me if I … Continue reading


The writing continues, and for the next short while (I hope it’s short, anyway) it may be quite rambly, at times resembling a journal. I won’t apologize, because I think every writer needs these moments. This is my reverse culture shock honesty…enjoy! I’ve been stateside now for exactly three weeks. I’m still at my parents’ … Continue reading