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These Eliz Conversations

Via Text Me: Hey this is Megan on my kindle [texting app]. I’m pretty sure my phone was left somewhere in our house. This is an issue when we travel. Eliz: 🙂 K Me: …btw, thank God for megabus wifi. ~~~~~ Me: But I don’t WANT to eat dinner now. I need a shower. Now. … Continue reading

All summed up and tidy

This is my 150th post. One-five-oh. I ought to have written awhile ago, but I didn’t. That’s that. There it is, and settled. Somehow, I feel that this ought to be an epic post, a place where I introduce you to the next, thrilling phase of my life. Only, I can’t. This phase isn’t thrilling, … Continue reading

Impossibly Easy

I got through, oh – 4 posts? – Without dwelling on Reverse Culture Shock. I’m patting myself on the back for that transition. Now I’m giving myself a break and comparing and contrasting for a bit. Life in America feels Impossibly Easy. As in, because it’s so sensible and I can just COMMUNICATE ALREADY, I … Continue reading

A little bit of obsessive whiplash

Before I left for Thailand, I had a habit of spending 45 minutes in the shampoo aisle of my favorite box store. Leaving. Researching. Going to my favorite small grocery store, spending 15 minutes studying the 3 shampoo brands they offered. Researching. And buying at a hippie all-organic shop near my home, sulfate free, on … Continue reading

To my cities, with Love

To my cities, with Love

To Lafayette/West Lafayette, Thank you for a lovely childhood. For introducing my parents to one another, for teaching me about all of the wonderful ways to explore downtown, cross-culture, language, art and family. You contain memories of my first friends, but also of my angry teens and my isolated, terrified first college years. We have … Continue reading

Reverse Culture Shock

I don’t have a job, but apparently, I have Reverse Culture Shock. I’ve begun moving back in with my old roommate, back to Indianapolis, closer to my old life. The best part of this move is that I’m talking with my roommate again, someone who’s traveled a significant amount. Today she asked me if I … Continue reading


The writing continues, and for the next short while (I hope it’s short, anyway) it may be quite rambly, at times resembling a journal. I won’t apologize, because I think every writer needs these moments. This is my reverse culture shock honesty…enjoy! I’ve been stateside now for exactly three weeks. I’m still at my parents’ … Continue reading

Learned in Cambodia

Learned in Cambodia

I went to Cambodia with my old roommate last week and had a few adventures. It wasn’t exactly a fun trip. For her it was a business trip, to make contacts for Liz Alig. For me it was an ultra-budget vacation and a chance to see another developing country. Things I have learned: 1. I … Continue reading

Public transport

The thing about public transport, is that it’s never quite as simple as one believes. Especially in a mega-city, on busy days, when you don’t live close to the main lines. Which is why, I am wearing a sundress and running shoes at 9 pm at night, on my way to the airport while carrying … Continue reading