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Garfield had the right idea.

“How are you, Megan?” “ooookay-eh” I squeaked out. “Well, not really. I’m 15 minutes late, fighting a cold, the roads are awful, I think I forgot to eat breakfast. Oh, I forgot my lunch.” The day went downhill from there. By 8 am, I had woken up late, realized I was losing my voice, discovered … Continue reading

The insanity of our unsafety

What I didn’t tell you about the disaster of my foot the other day, is that I was out with a friend from work. Strangely enough, her name is also Megan. She’s quitting, to go into a more creative position for a pretty amazing company. Today I realized it’s probably a very good thing. We’re … Continue reading

Customers say the sweeeeetest things….

For all intents and purposes, C = Customer, MR = MeganRose MR – Did you find everything alright, sir? C – How TALL are you? MR – Well, why do you want to know? C – I’m tryin’ to write a PETITION to GOD that WOMEN shouldn’t be tallah than MEN! MR (taller than the … Continue reading

Critical part 2

What prompted my earlier fuss over the lack of critical thinking in Thai culture was a series of road-blocks to my ability to perform at work. You see, I don’t think like a Thai. I also don’t fully know all the methods or standards of this office. I was not trained with the same process … Continue reading

More snippets

Conversation vignettes… She reached over and touched my arm, one finger outstretched, like you might touch a shiny new phone cover. I glanced up, questioning. “I like your skin. I want to have skin like you.” Inside, I cursed this universal self-loathing-habit every woman seems to harbor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Can I say, ‘Want’ or should I … Continue reading

Still kicking

These are the things you need to know about this week. “Need” being used exceptionally loosely in this instance. 1. I logged 15 hours of overtime this week. Add 18.5 hours of travel time in there, and 2 hours for lunch and dinner and you realize that I spent less than 8 hours at home … Continue reading


I did start my new job 3 weeks ago, no longer am I an Intern. Now I am an Assistant Interior Designer, i.e. not a Junior Interior Designer, mind you. I got a special email to clarify that, after agreeing to the salary, hours and responsibilities. Titles matter so much here. So far, so good. … Continue reading

Border Crossing Chaos

You can find more on my Visa Experiences Here, Here, something else and finally there. Last Saturday I did another visa run. Immigration raises my blood pressure very quickly forreasons such as the stir below. When I went to Laos, I had some issues with the immigration officers. This is an excerpt from one of … Continue reading

Mischievous Mishaps of Meggie

M3 Part 3 We had a bag of pistachios on the table in my department, open and ready to be shared. One of the architects discovered this and spent the afternoon returning every half hour for another handful. Jokingly, I asked if he was addicted. “A…addicted? What means this…?” I tried explaining it, but quickly … Continue reading

Sundry Details – Completed

NOTE: There’s a short little review at the end if you want it quick. Alright, let’s get this down and be done. The beautiful thing about Thai kindness is that they will often help you even if doing so seems unprofessional. To this end, when I told my manager I needed to find a place … Continue reading