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I ran my fourth half-marathon yesterday. I crossed the finish line and burst into tears. I have never, ever, in my life cried from running before. I have cried at the thought of running. Cried at the prospect of how much weight I was gaining from NOT running, but completing a run has never brought … Continue reading

…And I just keep getting more awesome

Barney Stinson, the loveable, and utterly slutty, bachelor of How I Met Your Mother has this quote, I have been on the verge of posting that meme to my facebook header WEEKLY for the past 18 months. Another friend of mine is pregnant, and while I am happy for her, I am caught in this … Continue reading

Conversations with Preschoolers

  Lucy is 4, almost 5. Iana is 2 1/2. They’re hysterical, and have no grasp of reality. Iana, upon exiting a public restroom into the shop: Where’s the pancakes!? Me: At my house, silly. Iana: This is your house? You live here!? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucy (pointing to my beer): What’s that? Me: Daddy juice. Lucy: … Continue reading

I am grateful. I am grateful. I am grateful.

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer this past week. I typed that sentence and stopped. No. No, he wasn’t. This must be a dream. Not the worst dream I’ve ever had, but one that has to end. It’s going to end, right? I just slept funny, mixed up my wakefulness and dreamstate. This isn’t … Continue reading

This Heavenly Joke

I’m quite certain Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit were in on the advent of my birth, which was the beginning of The Growth of the Newbury Family. Yes, yes, I realize that They are in on the creation of every human being, but for comedy’s sake – I really do believe … Continue reading

These little people

I spent the day with my first two nieces, aged 4 years and 22 months. They think I’m awesome, which always makes for a great day anywhere. Or at least it helps. The first two hours were a breeze, we walked home from brunch, one in the stroller and one walking, chatting along the way … Continue reading

That illusive community {Just Write}

I sprained my foot Saturday evening, in a foolish act of stumbling off a sidewalk while trying to say good-bye to a friend. Thus I’ve spent the last three days on the large red couch in my living room, butt-scooting upstairs for the restroom, asking my roommates to carry my food from kitchen to couch, … Continue reading

Pro-life? Really?

NOTE: 8 July 2013 – I wrote this post in November of last year, and never let myself publish it. In reviewing old drafts, I reread it and decided most of what I wrote, I would not edit. For honesty’s sake,  I will share this. This post might make you angry. And others cringe. I … Continue reading

In lighter news

I’m an aunt again! Daisy Skiles Carey entered the public world on May 20th.   She was not a fan. But we like her, and once she started snuggling, life starting making a bit more sense. Her current accomplishments include thumb sucking, dragging one meal into an hour-plus experience, crazy long arms, tai chi-like motions, … Continue reading

Facebook Copies

I shared this on Facebook. It’s long enough to be a blog post. Also, Elizabeth is coming on Tuesday. EEK! Last year on Easter, I was hunkered down in my living room, trying to complete 9 perspective renderings for my Senior Thesis Presentation, three days later. That’s 18 hours of work, on Easter Sunday. I … Continue reading