If you want a new house…

…Then you can just wive hewe with Gwandma and Gwandad.’ This is how Iana explained her solution to my move to Texas. At 3, she gets that Texas is far away and I won’t see her very often. So she denies my move. The beginning part of that statement was, ‘Meggie. I don’t think you … Continue reading

What it means to be a third culture kid

“Megan!” I sighed and turned my head, trying to hide my annoyance. “Does your dad say, ‘Hello’ or ‘ello’ or ‘ay-lo’?” I told them I wasn’t answering. It didn’t matter. They were American and didn’t they understand how utterly annoying it was to overhear them mimic an accent they had rarely heard in-person, as if … Continue reading

When Gratefulness is an Easy Solution

I moved to Dallas three weeks ago. Done. Position accepted. Current position left. Home packed. Moved. The move took place 12 days after accepting the position in Dallas. 6 months after I started searching for a new employer. To say I am relieved is an understatement. To say I am overwhelmed, untrue. To say it … Continue reading


I ran my fourth half-marathon yesterday. I crossed the finish line and burst into tears. I have never, ever, in my life cried from running before. I have cried at the thought of running. Cried at the prospect of how much weight I was gaining from NOT running, but completing a run has never brought … Continue reading

Speak up

Yesterday afternoon, something awful happened. Mental illness (not selfishness, mental illness) took the life of Robin Williams. His pain is worth mourning, along with our own loss. Please help prevent this from happening to others. You can. And this is how…. Yesterday (the very day we lost Robin Williams), I took a business friend out … Continue reading

I’m a feminist

Note: The video below uses profanity and explicit terminology. I do not suggest listening to it in the presence of young children. I do not agree with everything in this video, this is not a political stance. While some lifestyles Laci supports and promotes may go against my own beliefs, I agree with their right … Continue reading

Doggie business

A few times in the past year, I’ve been asked to dog-sit. I don’t mind, until the dogs hate me and then I get all, “If you could only imagine how little I care right now” on them, and count the hours until I’m free. Then there’s the other extreme: Kisses. Like, really? No dog’s … Continue reading

…And I just keep getting more awesome

Barney Stinson, the loveable, and utterly slutty, bachelor of How I Met Your Mother has this quote, I have been on the verge of posting that meme to my facebook header WEEKLY for the past 18 months. Another friend of mine is pregnant, and while I am happy for her, I am caught in this … Continue reading

Reverse. Shock. Shock. Shock

I went to my favorite international grocery store tonight, on a whim. I love this place. I love the chaos, and the colors and the wacky, miswritten signs. I love that I feel like I have stepped out of my home, and into another country. International waters. Usually, a visit is intoxicating. Tonight wasn’t intoxicating. … Continue reading

Conversations with Preschoolers

  Lucy is 4, almost 5. Iana is 2 1/2. They’re hysterical, and have no grasp of reality. Iana, upon exiting a public restroom into the shop: Where’s the pancakes!? Me: At my house, silly. Iana: This is your house? You live here!? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucy (pointing to my beer): What’s that? Me: Daddy juice. Lucy: … Continue reading