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If you want a new house…

…Then you can just wive hewe with Gwandma and Gwandad.’ This is how Iana explained her solution to my move to Texas. At 3, she gets that Texas is far away and I won’t see her very often. So she denies my move. The beginning part of that statement was, ‘Meggie. I don’t think you … Continue reading

What it means to be a third culture kid

“Megan!” I sighed and turned my head, trying to hide my annoyance. “Does your dad say, ‘Hello’ or ‘ello’ or ‘ay-lo’?” I told them I wasn’t answering. It didn’t matter. They were American and didn’t they understand how utterly annoying it was to overhear them mimic an accent they had rarely heard in-person, as if … Continue reading

When Gratefulness is an Easy Solution

I moved to Dallas three weeks ago. Done. Position accepted. Current position left. Home packed. Moved. The move took place 12 days after accepting the position in Dallas. 6 months after I started searching for a new employer. To say I am relieved is an understatement. To say I am overwhelmed, untrue. To say it … Continue reading

Doggie business

A few times in the past year, I’ve been asked to dog-sit. I don’t mind, until the dogs hate me and then I get all, “If you could only imagine how little I care right now” on them, and count the hours until I’m free. Then there’s the other extreme: Kisses. Like, really? No dog’s … Continue reading


For a mid western girl grown in the cornfields, 2013 was a year of intense change. I caught myself remembering an email I wrote to a friend after my senior year of high school. I was complaining about my family moving house, me starting a new job and announced my hatred for change. Since that … Continue reading

LIT COFFEE – Ethical gifting {GIVEAWAY!}

This is part of a Series. {I hope you’ll read the rest} When I became interested in fair trade, I couldn’t fathom where to begin. If I decided to be fair trade overnight, I’d go bankrupt and probably give up the next week. Perhaps I would have given up entirely. Actually, I did that a … Continue reading

This Roommate

My roommate and I have lived together for 2.5 years. Today I told her that I thought half of our conversations sound like an old married couple. And really? How lame is that? She mumbled some sort of assent. We may travel together. Eat one another’s food. Occasionally do laundry together. Save each other from … Continue reading

The situation

A few people have messaged me regarding my current situation. Sorry for the silence. First off, I arrived back in the USA last week, the 17th of April. Since then I have been staying with friends in Florida. On the 25th, I fly back to Indiana. On the 29th I begin a small flurry of … Continue reading


Somehow in these past few months, the professional style of Thailand has crept into my wardrobe choices. It’s mid-80s right now, and yesterday I wore a sundress. That just didn’t seem right, somehow. You CAN show your shoulders, and especially I can since I’m a foreigner and the rules don’t apply to me. However, there’s … Continue reading