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…And I just keep getting more awesome

Barney Stinson, the loveable, and utterly slutty, bachelor of How I Met Your Mother has this quote, I have been on the verge of posting that meme to my facebook header WEEKLY for the past 18 months. Another friend of mine is pregnant, and while I am happy for her, I am caught in this … Continue reading


I met this girl once in Bangkok, because I watched her and her sister-in-law ask several Thai people for directions to no avail. No one knew where to direct them. I sighed, drug myself out of my over-stimulated-introverted haze, and offered to help. We spent, oh, perhaps 25 minutes together. Five minutes helping walking together … Continue reading

Gifting with Ethics Pt 1

This is the beginning of a Series. {I hope you’ll stick around for the rest} There’s a whole lot of narcissism that erupts this time of year. At least there is in my life. Granted I COULD be giving extra money, or volunteering extra, or shoveling my neighbor’s sidewalk in the Christmas Spirit. The reality, … Continue reading

This Age {Just Write}

I’m participating in {Just Write} an exercise in Free Writing. Details below. “My credit score is great.” “Got a loan for a car.” “Up all night, and there was no alcohol involved.” “Going to to the Doctor, baby is sick.” “I want to settle down. Start a family.” “I lost the baby.” “I’m expecting, again.” … Continue reading

This Heavenly Joke

I’m quite certain Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit were in on the advent of my birth, which was the beginning of The Growth of the Newbury Family. Yes, yes, I realize that They are in on the creation of every human being, but for comedy’s sake – I really do believe … Continue reading

These Eliz Conversations

Via Text Me: Hey this is Megan on my kindle [texting app]. I’m pretty sure my phone was left somewhere in our house. This is an issue when we travel. Eliz: 🙂 K Me: …btw, thank God for megabus wifi. ~~~~~ Me: But I don’t WANT to eat dinner now. I need a shower. Now. … Continue reading

These years

Note: Most of this was written 2.5 weeks ago. In general, my outlook has improved, but – this is a glimpse of a momentary reality. Cringe at will. My birthday was last week. Damnit. I was so mad. Not because I had to get up at 4:15 am to open the store. Rather, because it … Continue reading

These fumbled thoughts and judgments

I have been thinking a lot recently about adulthood. Yes, this is indeed an introspective post. A post that some would liken to a journal entry. No, it’s not. If you think these are the things that I scribble by hand, then you have missed the depth of me. I guess part of it has … Continue reading

These wishes and wandering hopes

I have a laundry list of distractions, and desires, and because it’s 1:26 in the morning, I’m sharing them with you. I want to be an architect. I want to be a mother. I want to know that where I am is making a difference. I want to light up the room when I enter. … Continue reading

These little people

I spent the day with my first two nieces, aged 4 years and 22 months. They think I’m awesome, which always makes for a great day anywhere. Or at least it helps. The first two hours were a breeze, we walked home from brunch, one in the stroller and one walking, chatting along the way … Continue reading